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Welcome to This Tailored Life, a blog for those interested in the technological and historical significance of fashion. I’ve been obsessed with fashion for as long as I can remember -- as far back as when I wore my patent leather jacket to the first day of kindergarten or my leopard print-cuffed pant suit to third grade picture day. Nowadays, I spend a lot of my free time window shopping at the big designer and fabric stores just to look through all the patterns and textures. More often than not, this includes bothering the salespeople for the backstories on the garments and fabrics.

Why did I start this blog? Anyone that has been around for more than a decade has noticed the resurgence of various trends. Some people may have vague conceptions of where a trend may have originated like a nautical stripe or a mocassin, but what about the original cultural significance of sequins or chambray? Some trends are more obscure in their origin but fascinating to discuss. It is also fun to explore the technological innovations through the years like the shift from silk to nylon tights and the incorporation of the internet and wearable technology today. I plan to discuss many topics like this in relation to their usage in today’s world and I hope you will join me! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to email me at my personal email address amy.boone524 [at] gmail [dot] com.


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